Today, I can affirm that behind every hardships of life, hides a present.
What was my journey in order to express myself, through my painting, my thoughts and feelings ?
At a time in my life, I felt crushed by the professional environment.
The sufferings I went though affected me until I couldn’t remember who I was.
It took me times to learn how to break though my deepest resources, and thus, being able to stand again.
These wounds and the healing path that follows have allowed me to discover my saving resource : The painting.
My favorite artistic medium is acrylic. By this material, I build my canvas step by step, I let my feelings, as well as energies which goes though me, guides me… therefore giving birth to the expression of my most authentic truth.
Transmute my wounds by creation. Replace pain with colors. Associate light with matter.
When I’m painting, I feel fully alive, connected to my true self.
So, this is my work, that I deliver to you here with a deep joy.
Welcome to my universe.

If you have asks about the paintings or any other questions,
don’t hesitate to contact me !